24 Hour Garage Door Repair Services in Ajax, Ontario

Ajax is a town in Ontario which is comprised of homeowners and business owners. Whether you own residential or commercial property, you may have a structure with a garage in it. If the door of your garage ever stops functioning properly, you shouldn’t wait to have it fixed. That will ruin the integrity of your property and could cause it to lose value. If it’s a commercial property, you may even lose customers over it too.

24/7 Emergency Repair

Garages are important for many property owners in Ajax. If your garage door stops working or has any kind of problem, you can get it fixed anytime of the day or night. A 24-hour emergency garage door repair in Ajax is possible when you call our customer support service. A technician is available at all hours to repair your garage door and get it functional for you again.

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Opener Repair & Installation

Many people with garages depend on a functional garage door opener to access their garage space. The problem is garage door openers tend to break easily and are in constant need of repair. Let us make this repair service easy for you. We can perform your garage door opener repair in Ajax within an hour after you call us. Opener installation services are also available if you need a brand-new opener for your garage.

Spring Replacement

Many people don’t think about the springs and how important they are for a garage door. If you have just one faulty spring, then you will have a faulty door. This will require a broken garage door spring replacement so that you can use your garage door properly again. You will need to do this whenever a spring breaks.

Cable Replacement

Garage door cables are safety components which assist the springs in lifting and closing the garage door. If you don’t have good quality cables in your garage door, then your springs will be literally useless to you. The only thing you’ll be able to do in this situation is to get a garage door cable replacement service.

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New Garage Doors

A new garage door may be necessary if you have an old, severely damaged or worn out one. New garage doors in Ajax are affordable and can be installed quickly. Our technician will evaluate your current garage and let you view the best door options that are available. From there, you can make the decision of what kind of new garage door that you want.